How To Identify Food That Has Been Contaminated

Any type of food are capable of growing microorganisms, in as much as the food is served as substrate that has Essential constituents for microbial growth. Foods that could microorganisms on it, depends on a particular constituents of that particular food.

Foods can be perceived as desirable due to the microorganisms growth on on the food. If they result in intentional, pleasant taste and texture. A fermented food are foods was altered because of carefully control growth of microorganisms in it. Such as cheese. And Spoilage food that their microbial growth are perceived unpleasant because of the biochemical changes. Such as, sour milk, moldy bread e.t.c.

The normal sources of food ordinary microorganisms is somehow similar to that of primary source of food microorganisms.

A. Air and Dust: because air does not contain any nutritional value for microbial growth which means is not a natural habitat for microorganisms. However, several general Of bacteria such as mold and yeast can be seen in air and dust, because of human daily activities like sneezing, laughing, coughing and talking or from wind, example of bacteria from air and dust are; Bacillus, Micrococus app.

B. Soil and Water; several numbers of microorganisms can be constitute natural habitat from still and water. The food borne bacteria that can be found in soil and water are; Acinetobacter, Alkaligenes, Bacillus, Clos tritium, Estero bacteria, Serrations, Proteus.

Plant and Plant Products; examples of bacteria that can be found in plant and plants products are Lactobaccilus, Ace to bacteria, Kurth in, Streptococcus.

Food Utensils; examples of food found here are yeast and molds.

Intestinal Tracts Of Man and Animals

Examples of microorganisms organisms found here are, Staphylococcus, E. coli, Salmonella Shield, Streptococcus.

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