Tips To Get Glowing Skin

Skin is the outermost layer covering the human body. It protects the internal organs and the muscles.

We have different types of skin, which are divided into divided into five.

  1. Normal skin: This type of skin produces fat which is serum at normal level. It can be oily or dry, and it looks soft, clean and smooth.
  2. Dry skin: This type of skin does not produce fat which is know as serum, it can be dry, itchy, and can easily develop wrinkles, it looks dull.
  3. Oily skin: This type of skin produces too much oil from its gland, it is greedy, tick and strong.
  4. Combination skin: This type of skin has particles of both the dry skin and oily skin. The cheek area will be cleared and dry.
  5. Sensitive skin: This type of skin can be oily and itchy. It’s develop scaly and red particles, it is very fragile and problematic.

Tips to Get Glowing Skin, 

A. Soup: This can be use for bathing and washing cloth

B. Water: can be used to bath and washing

C. Sponge: for scrubbing the body

D. Cream: This is worn to protect the skin from dust and other elements.

What to do to glow your skin

Clean regularly by washing ur face and body day and night.

B. Skin exfoliating: by exfoliating your skin it will improve the brightness and glow.

C. Hydrate and protect: drink a lots of water.

D. Looks for lightning skin care products

E. Vitamin C

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