My retirement from professional football is not far away – Lionel Messi.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi in an exclusive interview with Argentine journalist Sofi Martinez asserted his retirement is near due to his age. Arguably the best player in the history of football also declared that his retirement will be decided by God.

Yesterday Messi was interviewed ahead of his move to Inter Miami, which was published by TV Publica in Argentina. 

Messi speaking about his haters in Argentina:

“We received a lot of criticism, barbarities more than anything because they talked about things outside of soccer. They crossed the line of lack of respect, which was not right. Even though they didn’t tell me, I know my family suffered through it, too.”

Sofia asked Messi whether he has a retirement time:

“I don’t even know until when. I think it will happen when it has to. After accomplishing everything in this last period, the only thing that’s left is to enjoy. God will decide when it’s the right moment. Logically and due to my age, it’s not too far away, but I don’t know exactly when. When I retire, I will value all of this (what he accomplished) much more.”

Martinez asked about the moment when Messi finally became a world champion.

“That moment is inexplicable, because of what it meant for me personally, for my family, for my friends. Because of what I had to go through with the national team, what I suffered through. Being able to cap off almost all of my career by achieving the most important thing, was extraordinary. It was the only one that was left for me, and at the same time, the most sought-after prize.”

Messi then spoke about his excitement about joining Miami in the MLS.

“We are happy about the decision we made and we are ready. We have a lot of desire to take on a new challenge, a new change. Going to play in the United States doesn’t change my mentality… I’m going to give my best for myself, for my club, and perform at my maximum.”

Messi is set to be unveiled as the new player of Inter Miami in the coming days.

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