Methods Of Purifying Water

Water is a liquid substance that should be ideally colourless, odourless, transparent, tasteless liquid which is needed by all living things. Without water life is incomplete, every living things needs water in order to function well in life and in day to day activities. Human being especially needs to rehydrate all the time.

A purified water is germs free and fit for drinking because water is odourless, tasteless, colourless, transparent liquid. Water is polluted if it’s lacks the above mentioned properties.

To treat a polluted water or impure water, some methods can be applied to make it pure. Such methods includes;

1 Filtration

2. Boiling

3. By use of chemicals

4. Sieving

5. Distillation

Filtering muddy water with a cloth

Using alum to sediment muddy water

Filtering muddy water with sand

Boiling of clean but impure water

Sediment showing after boiling

Air pollution can pollute an already clean water, water can be polluted when an harmful substance is released into the atmosphere, the harmful substance that can pollute the water includes, smoke from the burning fire wood, car and factories, dust from cement factories and sawmill

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