Importance Of First Aid Treatments

Immediate assistance that is given to a sick or injured person before taken to the hospital is called first aid treatment, the first aid treatment is used to ease the pain of the injured person for the condition not to get worse.

There Are Conditions That Requires First Aid;

First aid is given to the injured or sick person based on the type of injury sustained. The conditions that requires first aids are;

A. Severe Bleeding: This is the condition when blood flows out of the vessels. This can be internal or external.

Steps in Stopping Bleeding:

  1. By calming the patient and should be lie down flat on the floor or bed. The victim should be kept still.
  2. Give the victim the assurance that he or she will be fine so as to over the fear and anxiety.
  3. Allow easy breathing by loosen the cloth around the neck of the victim.
  4. To reduce the flow of blood, raise the bleeding Parton the body.
  5. The person should be put in an upright position with his or her head bent and should be breath through the noise, this is if the bleeding is from the nose.
  6. If the bleeding is from the lower part of the body, foot should be raised in order to allow more blood to flow to the brain to prevent fainting.
  7. The cut should be thoroughly checked to know if there is no glass in it.
  8. Digital pressure should be applied to the artery nearest to the supply parts.

B. Fainting: This is caused by a temporary loss of consciousness. A person person who has fainted may loss touch of happenings around him or her. Inadequate supply of air or blood to the brain may cause fainting.

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