How To Prepare Balanced Diet Foods

Food is what every humans needs to maintain a normal healthy living. Body needs different kind of nutrients to be able to stay strong and healthy, some of the nutrients are as following;

Protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fat and oil.

All the listed above nutrients can be gotten from various foodstuffs that are available in our localities. And these foodstuffs can be divided into various groups according to their function performance in the body system.

Foodstuffs is a substance which can be used to processed as used and be taken as food. Most of the foods that we eats are prepared locally apart from a very few exceptions. However, there are differences in the food produce from eat locality due to tribal and ethnicity and there are some food that are common in certain areas in Nigeria such as rice.

The following are examples of foodstuffs in the localities.

A. Yam, cassava, Irish potatoes sweet potatoes, plantain, cocoa etc.

B. Rice, wheat, corn or maize, Guinea corn

C. Beans, cow peas, soya beans, locust beans, melon

D. Meat, poultry fish, cray fish, periwinkle, pork, snail.

E. Fruits(orange, mango, guava, cashew, pawpaw, banana, etc) and vegetable (ugwu, ejooo, okra, cucumber, carrot, tomato, onions etc).

Ways Of Using The Foodstuffs in Food Preparation

To prepare food, different kind of foodstuffs are used, in as much as some foods are eaten raw, others can be prepared into different kinds of dishes.

Most fruit and vegetables are mostly foodstuffs that are eaten raw. And can used to prepare different kind of delicacies depending on the localities.

Some of the delicacies are listed below with examples;

A. Yam is made into

Boiled yam, fried yam, pounced yam, Amana.

B. Cassava can be use to make;

Garrison, future, Amana, Apache.

C. Plantain can be made from;

Fried plantain, boiled plantain, roasted plantain, plantain chips.

D. Rice can be made into; white rice, Jolley rice, fried rice, coconuts rice, two shinkafa

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