Functions Of Different Food Nutrients In The Body System

Different Food has a particular nutrients that keeps human body strong and gives a healthy living. They type of food we eat very important because they contains different kind of nutrients. They have different kinds of functions in the body system.

Food Nutrients and function they perform are stated below;

A. Protein; these can be seen in eggs, fish, soya beans, milk, meat, poultry (chicken, duck, Turkey) and other diary products.

Their Functions

  1. It make body to grow well
  2. It makes body to repair itself

B. Carbohydrates; carbohydrate can be gotten from starchy and sugary food like yam, potatoes, cassava, rice, bread, plantain, and some fruits and vegetables.

It’s Functions

1 it gives energy to the body system

2. Regulate blood sugar

3. It’s prevent diseases of the intestine.

C. Minerals and Vitamins; This can be gotten from several kinds of food specifically from fruits and vegetables. Minerals Such as iron and calcium. While vitamins such as A, B, C, D.


  1. It’s helps in improving the immune system of the body
  2. It’s helps in grow and development
  3. Repair body tissue

The dangers of eating foods from only one food groups

Nutrients are classified into three groups. They are:

  1. It gives energy
  2. Protective foods
  3. Body building groups

The kind of foods eaten from these provided is correct amount gives balanced diet. Their are dangers in eating from only one group of food and neglecting others. For example, starch and fat and oil, sugar gives energy, when eaten too much without balancing it with other nutrients can leads to overweight, heart problem, poor maintainable of body tissue and and diseases such as kwashiorkor, goiter or swelling of the front of the neck, boiled etc

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