Dèath Of Don Jazzy’s Mother Inspired My Hit Song ‘How Are You My Friend’ – Johnny Drille Reveals

Nigerian popular artiste John Ighodaro, better known as Johnny Drille, has revealed how the death of Don Jazzy’s mother inspired his hit music ‘How Are You My Friend’.

He revealed this in an interview with HipTV adding that he co-wrote the song with The Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy who came up with the idea of the song.

He further disclose that it was Don Jazzy’s way of talking about it because when his mother died, a lot of people reached out to him even those who has not called in years.

In the interview, Drille said;

“The inspiration behind ‘How Are You My Friend’ was Don Jazzy having just lost his mother like a couple of weeks prior”.

“I guess the song was his own way of talking about it because a lot of people were reaching out to him who he hadn’t heard from in years.”

’’So, it just kind of hit him that, ‘Omo, I actually have these many pals that I have not communicated with for so long.’’

“I believe we are also living in perilous times. The economy is insane. Many folks are struggling. Many people are going through problems in their lives that they may not always feel comfortable disclosing. And I suppose that’s why people were able to connect with the song”.

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