China Reveals First Ever Yoruba Text Book

As Nigerians continue to break grounds in the Education sector globally, here again is another Nigerian making his country proud.

A Professor in Èkìtì State University, known as Prof Goke Alamu announced the unveiling of the first Yorùbá textbook for students in China.

Beijing Foreign Studies University invited him to China to start a career as a lecturer in 2019, but Covid pandemic happened. He later resorted to online teaching for students in the University with the support of the school’s authorities.

The visible elated lecturer narrates the journey how the publishing of the text book started.

“Just produced in China.I’m just very happy because this is the first Yorùbá textbook in China.”

“So, I started an online teaching for their students after writing the syllabus and the approval.

“Later, the University got an approval from the government and a publishing company was approved for the publication of the first Yorùbá textbook for students.”

“I worked with three Professors who had the opportunity to study the language in the US. This is the product of our efforts after three years. I will be going to China in September to test run the book. I have two students already at UI who would be trained and take over from me.

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