Untimely Demise: UI 1st Class Graduate Beaten To Death For Stealing Bread

A tragic event occured today sent shockwaves through the spine of nation when a Graduate of 1st class from the prestigious University of Ibadan. The young man known as Opuofori Freeborn Ebimotimi was beaten to death for alledgedly stealing bread.

The deceased was subjected to fatal violence following accusations of pilfering bread from a stall

Event took place in the early hours of today at Honeyhill Tombia Bayelsa State.

Some good neighbors and friends reportedly rushed to the scene of the actions begging the angry youths to set him free and even stated they will offset the bill for the bread but pleas fell on deaf ears and the youths went ahead with the jungle justice.

Opuofoni Freeborn Idisemi, a younger sister to the deceased couldn’t hold back her tears.She narrated things have gone side ways since the death of their father. She was surprised her late brother could go that lenght of Stealing bread.

She explained her and the other siblings have left all to God to fight for them. Her brother didn’t deserve the way he died she concluded.

This is a wake up call.Bayelsa state government should fish out these perpetrators of Evil and punish them accordingly.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace

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