Types Of Skin Diseases And Their Treatments

When skin is not properly cared for, it develops a lots of skin problems and infections. Common skin infections and diseases includes;

A. Skin rash: A skin rash is a red spot on the skin. It may be on only one part of the skin. It could also cover almost every part of the body. It can be itchy, making someone uncomfortable.

B. Pimples: These are swollen spots or blemish on the skin. They are sometimes filled with pus.

C. Blackheads: These are mostly found on the face. They are dark marks blocking the pores or tiny holes on the skin. When the tiny holes on the skin are blocked with dirt and grease, air cannot gets in. So they produce blackheads.

D. Acne is a skin diseases that produces a blemish on the face, neck and shoulders.

E. Ringworm : It is a skin diseases with patches shaped like rings on the skin. It causes a lot of itching and discomfort.

Scabies: This is a contagious skin diseases. Scabies are red bumps on the skin. They usually come with a lot of itching especially at night.

How To Prevent Skin Infections

The skin must be kept beautiful and healthy all the time. This keeps away skin infections and diseases. To keep and maintain a beautiful skin:

a. Take your bath daily and using mild soap and clean water.

b. Use clean towel

c. Do not use another person’s towel and underwears.

d. Wear clean clothes and underwears

e. Use good skin cream or oil

F. Keep your surroundings clean

Methods For Skin Care

There are different methods to keep the skin clean and healthy all the time. These includes:

A. Bathing : This is the simplest and most common methods of keeping the skin clean and free from infections. You must take ur bath at least once a day with mild soap and clean water.

B. Covering the skin with clothes : The body should not be exposed without covering. Wear clean clothes including your underwears, socks and sticking.

C. Protecting the skin from the sun: For the skin to remain healthy, it must not be exposed to too much sunshine which has a drying effects on the skin.

D. Cleaning up some inner parts of the body only: Some parts of the body such as armpits and our private parts must be washed even when we cannot bath the entire body for any reason. This will prevent body odour.

E. Using body wash: Body wash cleans deeper into the skin to remove dirt and oil. It leaves the skin refreshed.

F. Massaging the body: This is rubbing the body to keep it healthy and rated. It helps the skin to remain shiny and beautiful.

G. Sauna bath: This is a steam bath taken in a room specially prepared for it. A sauna bath increases blood circulation. It makes one to sweat heavily and helps remove toxins from the body.

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