How To Prepare Home Made Cleaning Agents

  1. Scouring powder: Scouring powder is an agents for washing things to make it bright and shy and removes dirt. The materials used for making scouring powder are as follows:

Pieces of broken plate, eggshells, small shell, a little soap and grinding stone.

Preparations Of Making Scouring powder

A. Blend the shell and the broken plate with the use of grinding stone together

B. With the use of seven cloth, sieve to obtain the Smith powder.

C. Mix the mixture together with a little powdered soap.

D. Put in a very tight container to be use anytime.

How To Use Scouring Powder To Clean The House;

House needs to be clean all the time to avoid sickness, a dirty home, rooms is an unhealthy environment that could cause various types of sickness.

A. Get all the materials require for sweeping, mopping and dusting,

B. Open all windows for ventilation

C. With the use of cobwebs removal remove cobwebs all around the house

D. Pour a little scouring powder into the water for mopping of tiles and cleaning of water systems.

E. Dust all surface area, like chair, table, stools

F. Scrub and wash the entire floor depending on the type.

G. Arrange the whole house back into their normal position.

There are different types of cleaning agents;

Which includes;

Native/local cleaning agents: These are agent that are made with a local materials such as, salt, native chalk, ram stem, sand, kerosene, candle wax, eggshell, burnt wood ash,


Commercial cleaning agents are agents industries produces, such as detergent, bar soap and scouring powder as Vim etc.

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