Rules For Healthy Living

Health is wealth, health is physical mental and social well being. A healthy life is very crucial to everyone. One needs to be healthy for one to enjoy his or her life, he or she must maintain a good life style or keep personal health rules. To be healthy is to be free from physical or pain. It is to be sound in mind, body and soul. For a person to enjoy this stances, there are some regulation rules to be followed.

Here are the rules:

A. Keeping various part of the body clean and neat

B. Wear clothes that are clean

C. Clear the surrounding dirt

D. Observer proper hygiene

E. Doing regular exercise to keep the body fit

F. Having sufficient rest and sleep

G. Enjoying fresh air

H. Maintaining good posture in eating, standing, bending and walking

I. Eating balanced diet

J. Treating cuts, bruises and wound as soon as they occur

K. Being careful while playing to avoid falls, bruises or wound and fracture broken bones

L. Living in a clean and neat house

M. Proceed to the hospital as soon as possible if there is any cuts, wound, broken bones, bruises, etc. to the doctor as soon as they occur.

Rules of healthy development

Our body should develop as we grow. For anybody to develop, the per must have good health. A sick person cannot develop well. As we grow, the increase in height and weight is being noticed. The person also get stronger. Therefore, to develop well, you must have good health.

The importance of good health in our daily development are:

A. When you are in good health, it will provide you a good appetite, that is, eating food as required by the body system

B. It gives strength to do exercise. It also gives enough strength to carry out our daily activities of work and play

C. Good health help in building up brain development which includes knowledge and understanding.

D. It helps one to grow well

E. Good health protects individual from sickness and diseases.

F. Good health helps in developing reasoning ability and taking wise decisions.

Need For Daily Rest And sleep

Rest and sleep are different ways of relaxation after our daily activities. They give the body a break and prepare it for next day.

Rest is a period of relay to refresh the body and mind. You can sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on a bed rest. During times of rest, you are aware of what is going on around u.

Sleep is a state of complete rest when the eyes are closed and the body and mind are not aware of what is going on around one. Rest and sleep are very important for good health.

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