Causes Of Head Lice And Treatments

Hair infection is a diseases of hair which affects the hair follicles. This occurs in the roots of the hair or scalp. Most of these infections affects children majorly and can leads to loss of hair. These infections occurs when the hair is not properly taken care of or as a results of dirty habits. Some of the common infections includes the following:

A. Rashes: These are itchy red spots on the head.

B. Head lice: Head lice are small insects that live on the person’s hair and such blood from the scalp. Their bites cause itching and this makes the person uncomfortable.

C. Ringworm: This is a skin infection. that Caio ring shaped patches. When it ingest the head, the place that is affected will lead to hair loss which may be completely .

D. Dandruff: This infections comes as a whites dust on a person’s hair. A person who is infected with dandruff will keep scratching his or her hair.


Unsterilised instruments are hair care materials or tools that have not been thoroughly cleaned. It is dangerous to share sure instruments with other people. It is also harmful to share such instruments with other people. It is also harmful to share instruments for taking care of the hair that everybody uses in the hair dressing and barking salon. If you must use hair care instruments that have been used by other people, they must be properly cleaned.

Some of the effects of using unsterilised instruments are:

A. Hair infection: Hair infection occurs when you see the same instruments that have been used by someone whose hair is infected by dandruff, ringworm, lice and so on.

B. HIV/Aids: There is a risk of contracting HIV/Aids when we use in hair salons, unsterilised instruments used by other people who may have the diseases. For example, if someone who has HIV/Aids mistakenly cuts his or her skin in the process of having a hair cut with a pair of hair clippers and someone else uses the same clippers without sterilizing or cleaning them properly, the person may get HIV/Aids. People contract HiV/Ads when they share infected instruments.

Process of keeping the hair well groomed

To keep the hair in good condition and prevent infection, any of the following steps could be taken;

A. Cutting the hair short

B. Weaving the hair

C. Planting the hair

D. Perking the hair

E. Using wig

F. Using weave on

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