Care Of Pit Latrine

Pit latrines are the most common toilet in a rural areas where there is no access to pipe borne water and electricity and it is usually located at the back of the back of the house.

Pit latrines should be well covered and cared for, if it is not properly cared for, it can provide a breeding place for flies and cockroaches which can be unhealthy for the people living in the environment and can cause diseases living around and can leads to spread of disease like cholera and fever.

A. Pit latrines should be dug very deep enough and should be well covered.

Pit latrines should be be dug far away from the house or school, churches, hospitals.

Pit latrines should be well washed, properly swept with enough disinfectant everyday.

Pit latrines should be well well smoked everyday in order to kill the maggots and flies, cockroaches inside the pit.

B. Bucket Toilets: bucket toilets is usually built inside the compounds very close to the bathrooms: This is cared for in the following ways which includes :

a. The bucket should always clean and disinfectant to drive away flies and cockroaches and mosquito.

C. In order to allow fresh air, the window and doors should always be opened.

D. The environment should be clean always.

Water Systems: These includes water closet and the semi water closet, they are found in the modern home towns and cities where there is adequate water supply. It is built inside the home. Some can be inside the room and can be near to the bedroom.

Water Systems can be cared for in the following ways:

A. Being careful when using the water systems is very important.

B. There should be sufficient water to flush the toilet after dedicating.

C. Disinfect the toilet always to keep away germs and window should be covered to prevent flies.

Always sit comfortably and not stand on the bowl.

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