Osun Governor, Ademola Adeleke Accused Of Anti-Women Appointments

Osun state governor Adedamola Adeleke has been accused of shutting down women and youth in his administration by the Osun Masterminds(TOM) group.

The Executive Director of the organization Professor Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli in his State-of-the-state address in Osogbo, noted that only two females were reportedly listed in the twenty-five names that was forward for vetting.

he said, “We note with great disappointment that the Osun State Government, under Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, has not been fair to the Women population in our dear State. We first noted this lopsidedness when the House of Assembly was inaugurated in June. All twenty-six Members of the House are surprisingly men, in a State where women have been known to play important roles in the political and governance process.

“A cursory look up the higher echelons of government and one will be tempted to ask whether the Adeleke government has an agenda against the women of our dear State. From Governor to Deputy Governor, to Secretary to the State Government and to the Chief of Staff, none is female.

“To further deepen our fears about the Adeleke government’s wrong handling of the gender inclusion topic, only two women made a list of twenty-five Commissioner nominees in an urbane State like ours. This translates to many steps backwards in the country’s pursuit of a gender-balanced public service.

“We are deeply troubled that the government of Sen. Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke has postured itself as an anti-female government. Are the prestigious women of our dear State not qualified to be in positions of governance? Are they just good as political cheerleaders, to dance and sing at rallies? This government must do better to reassure the female population in Osun State and the global community, that it does not hate women and will give them prominent roles to play in government”.

He lamented that, “It is also unfortunate that none of the name listed represented the youth constituency in the state and one wonders whether it is the elderly people that populated the list that will head the Ministry of youth in the state. In other words, the list is “gender and youths blind”.

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