“Japa On My Mind”- Aminat Yusuf, LASU’s Best Graduate Of All Time Reveals

Going by the increasing and alarming rate at which brain drain is happening in Nigeria, Nigerian Government needs to buckle up their seats and ensure this is curtailed.

Another “Japa” is in process and one of Nigeria’s best brains, Aminat Yusuf who is Lagos State University’s over all best graduate of all times have revealed in a recent interview that she’s contemplating to ‘Japa‘.

In the year 2021/2022 academic session, Mrs. Aminat Yusuf graduated with a 5.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) breaking a 40 years highest point record of the university.

Till date, no other student has broken the record after her.

Speaking in an event organised by the Muslem Students Association Of Nigeria, she emphased that if given the opportunity to “Japa“, she will take the chance.

Japa” simply means for one to migrate to another country, seeking better life(in Yoruba language).

Yusuf explained many Nigerians especially Youths do Japa and don’t come back to the country but for her, she will go seek better opportunities and come back to her fatherland.

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