Ayo Fayose Vows To Reject Ministerial Appointment

The Former Governor of Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose has reiterated that he will not accept any offer of ministerial appointment from President Bola Tinubu should.

During an interview with Channels Television, Fayose was quizzed if he would accept any ministerial appointment, from the president he said, “I will never take it. 

He continued that, “Many of us who have reached the age of 70, almost 65 and above” should be asked to “go and bring our children, our grown-up children, well educated.

“Already, their future has been stolen. The future of these young people has been stolen. They have run over their time with our time.

“Let me tell you very straightforward, if the future is for these young people, Asiwaju, to my own view — and I shared this with him and I say it again — it should be 40 percent for oldies like us, 30 percent for women, 30 percent for young people,” he said.

According to Fayose, a majority of the older generation of politicians has had a taste of government “more than three, four, five times.”

Speaking on his support for Tinubu, Fayose said, “I didn’t start to work for Asiwaju today, though he is a longstanding member of the opposition.”

Fayose insisted that his show of sportsmanship with Tinubu, was “not for party politics but for my belief in his person.” he concluded saying, “Let me tell you, I am not looking for a position,” he added.

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