Sanwo-Olu Ban Traders Ahead Of Re-opening Eko Bridge

The Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has banned traders ahead of the long re-opening of Eko Bridge in Lagos. According to report, the flyover which has been due for re-opening, will be is open for vehicular traffic. Recalled that the newly constructed bridge was vacated due to the inferno at the Apogbon by illegal trading under it. The impact of the fire caused some major part of the bridge to be weakened and left the bridge unsused for fifteen months due to repairs.

During his address Babajide Sanwo-Olu delivered an heart most felt apology from the Federal Government for the long delay of the bridge back adding that the bridge had to be properly reconstructed for effective use .

The governor said: “It is with great delight to announce that we have carried out comprehensive tests with the contractor from the Federal Ministry of Works and we believe that Apogbon section of the Eko Bridge can now be opened for motorists. 

“But the maintenance work on the entire bridge has not been completed. “There are lots of bearings that still need to be reinforced along the entire stretch of the infrastructure.“In future, there will be more intermittent closures at different sections of the bridge but the period may not be longer than one or two weeks. “This is necessary for us to jerk up the bridge and complete the maintenance work. “We are reopening the bridge to bring relief to road users, who have endured hardship due to the repair work.”

“We are using this medium to warn those trading under the bridge that we will not tolerate any form of illegal activities under this bridge and other bridges in the State.“The bridges are important assets to the State and we cannot fold our arms and allow a few people to destroy them.“We have seen the effect which the destruction on Eko Bridge caused the entire city. “We cannot afford to have these bridges shut down again because of illegal activities. “We will clear all squatters from Ijora Olopa to Costain and there will be zero tolerance for market activity under the bridge.”

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